Dreamhack VoDs


Hello everyone! In case you’re looking for a quick-and-easy list of my VoDs at the Dreamhack EIZO Open in Stockholm, I’ve compiled a list for you here (spoiler free, don’t worry).

All links will open in new windows, and if there is a subsequent game in the series I’ve made sure a link appears in-video towards the end so you can jump right in, and that way the results aren’t spoiled. :-)

Group Stage #1
MVPMonster vs Sihoe Game 1 – click here
Liquid’TLO vs prOpBobson Game 2 (jumped in mid-series) – click here
Liquid’TLO vs BullzZ Game 1 – click here
FuRy vs SirLoui Game 3 (jumped in mid-series) – click here
aTnCloud vs ALMaddelisk Game 1 – click here
GLSnute vs jimpo Game 1 – click here

Group Stage #2
Quantic.NaNiwa vs MVPGenius Game 1 – click here
EG.PuMa vs TSL.HyuN Game 1 – click here
Quantic.SaSe vs TSL.HyuN Game 1 – click here
Group G 3-way-tiebreak Game 1 – click here

Round of 16
aTnSocke vs mouzMorroW Game 1 – click here

I hope you enjoy these matches as much as I enjoyed casting them! :-)

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