Videos from IEM Katowice Qualifiers and Bonus Footage from Singapore!


Hello everyone!

I’m working on a blog post on the run-up to Christmas, but in the mean time I have a quick  update to post the VoDs from the IEM Katowice Stage 3 qualifiers that I cast online a short while ago. All links will open in a new window and are Game 1 (so no spoilers for how many games in the series). Also, it’s a double-elim tournament so seeing the same name twice doesn’t mean they won or lost the first one :-) Enjoy!

LucifroN vs Elfi
HasuObs vs Vortix

Grubby vs LiveZerg
Stephano vs LiveZerg
HasuObs vs Daisy
Grubby vs Vortix (Game 3 only)

As an added bonus, I noticed a little while ago that the hilarious Free-For-All from IEM Singapore wasn’t on YouTube to watch yet, so after several hours (probably more than several) of wrangling here it is, including introductions and post-game analysis.

IEM Singapore Free-For-All

For those that have seen the game or want to cheat and go straight to the post-game analysis (not recommended if you haven’t seen the game, it’s very entertaining!), I snipped a separate video here. ;-)

Post-FFA Analysis

I hope everyone’s enjoying the weather (be it summer or winter where you’re from!). Do forgive me if my next blog post ends up being a bit late, as I only have two days before going home to Hong Kong and Australia for the holiday season. I’ll try and squeeze it in though!

Love and banelings,

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