DreamHack Bucharest (GameSocial Stream) VoDs


Hi everyone,

We only stopped casting an hour or so ago, but I now have some VoDs from today’s action on the GameSocialTV stream! Make sure you check them out on Twitter as well (at @GameSocialTV) because their overlays and production value is absolutely excellent. :-)

DreamHack Bucharest 2013

Without further ado (don’t worry, no spoilers – links to Game 1 only):

Liquid’Ret vs Veneration.StatiC
FNATIC.NightEnD vs ENCE.elfi
mYi.DaNa vs prOp.Sjow
Liquid’TLO vs Axiom.Heart
Grubby vs Liquid’HerO
Grubby vs Liquid.Taeja
FNATIC.Harstem vs KTRolster.Flash
Acer.InNoVation vs AZUBU.SuperNova

Playlist for everything here

Enjoy! :-) Special thanks to Nick Baker (@NickGSC) of GameSocial and my wonderful co-caster Adam Simmons (@Madals91). As always, you can catch me up on Twitter @JoRoSaR or on Facebook at facebook.com/JoRoSaR.


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