JoRoSaR Interviews mYi CEO Cedric Schlosser


Good evening folks,

As I’m sure you know from my last blog post, I recently returned from an amazing extended weekend away at the mYinsanity house where I got to live, breathe and troll (but of course) the life of a pro gamer.

I can assure you all that there is a good, fun amount of content to slowly sift through – I believe I left Switzerland with over 120GB of video to edit – so am really looking forward to sharing it with you all.

We start off with an interview featuring mYinsanity CEO Cedric Schlosser. Cedric is someone who isn’t normally in the limelight as far as the team goes but plays a critical role in keeping everything together on a day-to-day basis as well as managing the affairs of the team house.

As always with my interviews, I try to ask relatively few cookie-cutter questions and ask more interesting questions that the average viewer might want to know the answers to.

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