Gfinity Interviews with JoRoSaR


JoRoSaR's Gfinity Interviews at G3

Gfinity Interviews from the Epic G3 Weekend

Hey everyone, and hope you’re looking forward to Gfinity interviews! I caught up with Team Liquid’s Bunny and Evil Geniuses’ DeMusliM after their group stage games on Saturday, as well as other folks on Championship Sunday – $30,000 and 3,375 WCS points were distributed at Gfinity G3 and it was pretty epic! Below you’ll find all the Gfinity interviews I conducted throughout the weekend. Enjoy, comment and share!

Gfinity Interview with Liquid.Bunny



Gfinity Interview with EG.DeMusliM


Gfinity Interview with FunKa

Gfinity Interview with HyuN & Reis

Gfinity Interview with MC

Gfinity Interview with Head Referee HyeongJin Oh


Hope you’ve enjoyed these G3 Gfinity interviews! I had a blast at the tournament and am really happy I squeezed out the time to speak to these folks while there as well. Please do comment, share and leave any feedback here and via social media! :)

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