Korean BBQ Cooked by Jjakji & StarDust at the mYi Team House in Switzerland!


Pro-Gamers Cook Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ cooked by professional Starcraft II gamers!

Korean BBQ features heavily in the newest addition to the mYi gaming house series of videos! Follow professional Starcraft II gamers mYi.Jjakji and mYi.StarDust as they prepare and cook a delicious Korean BBQ for the rest of the mYinsanity gaming house.

Enjoy watching from ingredient gathering to eating, including way too much meat (is there such a thing?) and Jjakji heading to a restaurant to procure Coca Cola!

The mYinsanity house is a professional gaming house located just outside of Bern, Switzerland. The residence houses professional gamers for mYinsanity (mainly the Starcraft II team) as well as team management and the occasional guests. It’s a great place to be!

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