DreamHack Interviews & Videos from Stockholm


Hello everyone! As promised, please find my interviews and videos from the whole of DreamHack Stockholm here. Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube and check me out on Twitter and Facebook if you’d like to get in touch. There’s also a TeamLiquid thread where all of the below videos can be found. Enjoy!

DreamHack Interviews from Stockholm Day 1

Hello from DreamHack Stockholm!

The Tyrant himself, Evil Geniuses’ JaeDong, has a few choice words for his opponent ahead of his games at DreamHack Stockholm..

XMG’s ToD chats to me about the tournament, his recent casting success and, of course, game balance!

My Dreamhack interview with Samsung Galaxy’s Solar on his rise through StarCraft and where he sees things shaping up tomorrow.

Alien Invasion’s Patience weighs in during this DreamHack interview, with some translation help from Samsung Galaxy’s Solar.

An old friend in Azael appears at DreamHack, commentating for the World of Warcraft Arena stream. I check in to see how he’s doing!

I find CM Storm’s Polt, who has been in tremendous form of late and is already qualified for BlizzCon.

Catching up with Acer’s MMA on BlizzCon, his thoughts on DreamHack and more.

Meet the contingent of mYinsanity at DreamHack Stockholm – nine of them on camera at once! :-)

DreamHack Interviews & Videos from Stockholm Day 2

I preview the StarCraft tournament’s Ro16 ahead of Day 2 of competition here at DreamHack.

Artosis stops by to talk about all things Hearthstone, casting world records and DreamHack while drinking impressive amounts of coffee.

The South East Asian contingent, consisting of Livibee, Exile5’s PiG and mYinsanity’s Blysk, pop by for a word on DreamHack and progressing in eSports overseas.

I speak to cJ Entus’ herO before his Quarter-Final match against Sacsri.

Meet Arvid Wuensch, filmographer / vidoegrapher and older brother of Liquid’TLO. He has been documenting Dario’s tournament behind the scenes and filming the DreamHack Stockholm event.

Ret stops by for a chat, after doing a great job up to Group Stage 3 of DreamHack – playing extremely well and looking very content with his play.

I chat to A_Spec, who I normally see hosting Insomnia stages but today was the lead producer on the excellent Hearthstone stream here at DreamHack Stockholm.

We have an interview with Moses and DeadSet, the two Diablo III streamers that have streamed tirelessly for the entire weekend. I catch up and talk about my glory Diablo II days as well as what’s changed since then. :-)

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