IEM San Jose European Qualifiers Videos


IEM San Jose European Qualifiers

On the 18th and 19th of October 2014, the IEM San Jose European qualifiers were held online. A large number of games were cast and in particular some really exciting series happened on Day 2, which was when the top 8 from Day 1 of the qualifiers joined 8 other invitees to duke it out in a double elimination bracket.

Please find the videos below with my commentary over the weekend, I hope you enjoy them! I have separated them into Day 1 & Day 2.

Please note the points below:

– I have only included links to Game 1 of each series below so that the result isn’t spoiled beforehand. Player names are not in any set order (the winner could be either) and links to the next game or series are at the end of each video.
– Some players appear more often than others, due to the nature of how the games/lobbies fell with the tournament timing for the stream.
– Seeing a player twice (on day 2) on this list doesn’t mean they lost the first series, as it was double elimination.

Enjoy! For those who just want to see the entire playlist rather than going through the videos below, you can find my IEM San Jose European Qualifiers playlist here.

IEM San Jose European Qualifiers Videos – Day 1

MarineLord vs Classico (TvT)

Pal vs Kas (PvT)

MarineLord vs Harstem (TvP) – mid-series in Game 2

Grubby vs Pouchou (PvZ)

Slivko vs Grubby (ZvP) – mid-series in Game 2

Elazer vs MaNa (ZvP) – mid-series in Game 2

IEM San Jose European Qualifiers Videos – Day 2

Happy vs VortiX (TvZ)

YoDa vs Welmu (TvP)

Welmu vs TLO (PvZ)

MMA vs Happy (TvT)

TLO vs Happy (ZvT)

Happy vs Sacsri (TvZ)

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