NorCraft Cup Qualifiers: Sweden Finals


NorCraft Cup Qualifiers: Swedish Finals with JoRoSaR

This past weekend I was pleased to commentate the NorCraft Cup Qualifier for Sweden! The final group of players were competing for four spots in the NorCraft Cup final later on in November, and the top four players were also competing for preferred seeding and a 125 Euro cash prize.

There were some pretty fun series, and as the bracket was single elimination I do not wish to spoil any of the results in this blog post, so I will post the first two series I covered followed by linked to the semi-finals and finals of the Sweden NorCraft Cup Qualifier.

Swedish NorCraft Cup Qualifier Games

StarNaN vs SortOf Game 1 (Bo3)

MorroW vs Prospect Game 1 (Bo3)

Semi-Final 1, Game 1 (Bo3)

Semi-Final 2, Game 1 (Bo3)

3rd Place Match, Game 1 (Bo3)

NorCraft Cup Qualifier: Swedish Finals – Game 1 (Bo5)

For the full YouTube playlist from the Sweden NorCraft Cup Qualifier, click here.

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