The mYi Olympics!


mYi Olympics with JoRoSaR

Good afternoon folks,

mYi Olympics? What on earth are the mYi Olympics? Well, you may remember that a while ago now I visited the mYinsanity house in Switzerland, and had a lot of videos and interviews to share as the result of that experience.

I forgot to mention…there’s one more.

At the end of my visit, I managed to get all the pro players and staff staying at the house to a nearby field, and brought my camera and tripod. The Koreans might be dominating BlizzCon, but this would be a good opportunity to show that perhaps the rest of the world could do well in the next most important event of the year! ;-)

This video took a LOT of effort to edit, and I had some amazing help (i.e. almost all of it!) from Exile 5’s Dot while Dot and PiG were in London…so thank you so much for this! <3

I had so, so much fun filming and being a part of this. Just wanted to share and have people enjoy, and see that there is a lighter side to pro-gaming life! :-) There’s a link to the complete mYi YouTube playlist at the end of the video as well. I do believe that some of the events we do in this video were suggestions from my original TeamLiquid and Reddit threads when I was heading over to the mYi house as well, so thank you for those! Happy to be able to make some of them a reality…and suggestions for next time are more than welcome!

Now, without further ado…allow me to present to you the mYi Olympics!

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