Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews and Write-Up


Below are all my Gfinity StarCraft Masters interviews from throughout the March weekend in London. This post has been updated several times and now includes ROOT’s hydra and Yoe Flash Wolves’ PartinG as well.

I had an absolute blast this weekend at the Gfinity StarCraft Masters – the venue was very special to me as I used to live five minutes away from Fulham Broadway when I was a student at university in London. As a result I knew many of the local places to go and eat, and loved taking the players and staff out for meals and exploring the city.

The cinema atmosphere was incredible, but in a different way to normal. Being in a dark room adds a different dynamic to casting, even though you know the audience is still there. It feels very chilled out and it was easy to get into a great flow with my fellow co-casters. It made for very relaxed (and hopefully quality!) and free-flowing commentary and when I was sitting back watching the finals, I thought the viewing experience was also excellent – that was the first time all weekend where I wasn’t either recording, video editing my Gfinity StarCraft Masters interviews or taking notes in preparation for my next cast between series. I was running around a LOT, but enjoyed every minute of it.

JoRoSaR Interviewing PartinG & hydra at Gfinity StarCraft Masters

The party afterwards at Meltdown was also superb. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and Stephano behind the bar also got involved with the rest of the players & staff, helping our Protoss players (and others as well!) along to a joyous evening and snapping lots of fun photos en-route. I was dreadfully tired the next day, but it’s the kind of tired that you think about and smile through no matter how you feel. I look forward to the next event!

Do enjoy the interviews, and please share!


[youtube width=600]5WzQDWlkHbg[/youtube]
Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: Robert Ohlen

[youtube width=600]P719PdJecjA[/youtube]
Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: TargA

[youtube width=600]R6hScFXQRRs[/youtube]
Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: Soulkey

[youtube width=600]YczPXM6Ni6Y[/youtube]
Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: Zeweig

[youtube width=600]vUHHG417wuI[/youtube]
Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: hydra

[youtube width=600]HbF_fwOQcqA[/youtube]
Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: PartinG

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