JoRoSaR Joins Logitech G at DreamHack Summer 2015!


I’m very happy to reveal that I’ll be travelling to Jönköping for DreamHack Summer this weekend with Logitech G TV, working to bring our #CASTIT event to gamers and eSports enthusiasts in Sweden!

Logitech G & JoRoSaR at DreamHack Summer 2015

I’m really excited to be part of #CASTIT, which will put participants together with a team of commentators to try your own hand at casting a game of your choice! As someone who came into eSports from a grass-roots level I’m particularly passionate about encouraging and helping new talent emerge across all games and platforms, and this weekend is going to be an excellent opportunity for people to put themselves forward – and win prizes in the process!

Gamers and aspiring casters at DreamHack Summer will cast a competitive eSports match alongside accomplished commentators for a chance to come back to DreamHack as a one of the commentators themselves at a future event! This will be held over the entirety of the DreamHack weekend and everyone is invited to participate and give it a go – all on camera, mic’ed up and ready for broadcast!

A panel of professional commentators and Logitech G will select the best entries at the end of the tournament to get put to a public vote to decide the ultimate winner.

Logitech G CastIt at DreamHack Summer with JoRoSaR

Of course, this isn’t all. I will be on hand all weekend doing a combination of on-site videos and interviews from DreamHack Summer and streaming at the Logitech G booth as well! I have yet to finalise what I’ll be streaming, but I get the impression that speed typing will most definitely be involved. Let me know what else you would like to see as well, and I’ll do my best to make sure it will happen!

I may also have some signed goodies to give away during stream-time as well, so keep your eyes peeled and do say hello if you catch me at the event for more details! :)

All DreamHack weekends have ridiculously intense competition throughout, of course, and when I’m not streaming or in the booth I’ll be swimming my way through the thousands of eSports enthusiasts descending upon Jönköping with my camera and tripod in tow, and capturing some of the action as well as the gaming stars in attendance.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event, on-stream, or in the casting booth with me! :)

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