JoRoSaR Joins Logitech G at DreamHack Summer 2015!

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I’m very happy to reveal that I’ll be travelling to Jönköping for DreamHack Summer this weekend with Logitech G TV, working to bring our #CASTIT event to gamers and eSports enthusiasts in Sweden!

Logitech G & JoRoSaR at DreamHack Summer 2015

I’m really excited to be part of #CASTIT, which will put participants together with a team of commentators to try your own hand at casting a game of your choice! As someone who came into eSports from a grass-roots level I’m particularly passionate about encouraging and helping new talent emerge across all games and platforms, and this weekend is going to be an excellent opportunity for people to put themselves forward – and win prizes in the process!

Gamers and aspiring casters at DreamHack Summer will cast a competitive eSports match alongside accomplished commentators for a chance to come back to DreamHack as a one of the commentators themselves at a future event! This will be held over the entirety of the DreamHack weekend and everyone is invited to participate and give it a go – all on camera, mic’ed up and ready for broadcast!

A panel of professional commentators and Logitech G will select the best entries at the end of the tournament to get put to a public vote to decide the ultimate winner.

Logitech G CastIt at DreamHack Summer with JoRoSaR

Of course, this isn’t all. I will be on hand all weekend doing a combination of on-site videos and interviews from DreamHack Summer and streaming at the Logitech G booth as well! I have yet to finalise what I’ll be streaming, but I get the impression that speed typing will most definitely be involved. Let me know what else you would like to see as well, and I’ll do my best to make sure it will happen!

I may also have some signed goodies to give away during stream-time as well, so keep your eyes peeled and do say hello if you catch me at the event for more details! :)

All DreamHack weekends have ridiculously intense competition throughout, of course, and when I’m not streaming or in the booth I’ll be swimming my way through the thousands of eSports enthusiasts descending upon Jönköping with my camera and tripod in tow, and capturing some of the action as well as the gaming stars in attendance.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event, on-stream, or in the casting booth with me! :)

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Gfinity StarCraft Spring Masters II and Predictions

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The Gfinity StarCraft Arena in Fulham Broadway

I am very excited to be returning to the Fulham Broadway arena for the Gfinity StarCraft Spring Masters II next weekend. As part of their announcement recently, I will be providing commentary for pretty much constant StarCraft action throughout the weekend alongside Liquid’Ret, James Banks, DeMuslim, BlinG and Khaldor.

Gfinity StarCraft Arena in Fulham Broadway, London

I thoroughly enjoyed the cinema venue the first time we had a StarCraft event here and I am pleased to be following through with the second event as well. As per last time, the 16-player bracket is stacked and promises to be full of entertaining series.

Gfinity StarCraft Predictions

Gfinity StarCraft Spring Masters II Players

Without a shadow of a doubt, fan favourites MC & Jaedong are going to be players to watch throughout the weekend. There is no getting away from the fact it’s slightly disappointing to not see PartinG’s name up there considering he won the last event, but unfortunately event clashes happen and players’ schedules being busy means you can’t always guarantee participation.

I am eager to see what the qualifiers will be able to bring to the table, especially uThermal who has made it through to the last 16 and will be hoping to make it out of the group stages – from this preliminary result it looks like his practice is paying off. Jin Air Green Wings also adds another player to the bracket through Symbol who has just been a solid Zerg player for such a long time, but in that department there is stiff competition at the Gfinity StarCraft Masters.

The groups aren’t drawn yet so it’s impossible to say who can make up the final four for example as there may be groups of death that pop out of the woodwork…however, if I had to go off of this list of participants I would have to say my most likely final four are MC, sOs, Hydra and Solar.

I will caveat this by saying there is an awful lot of depth in this lineup and it’s impossible to predict who might edge a mirror matchup. There are so many players of both the Zerg and Protoss race snapping at the heels of this group of players, and depending on who you ask it’s possible that someone like San, Jaedong, TRUE etc. could all have a peek in. But I feel like the above players are just generally quite consistent and that MC may be looking to rebound after suffering an earlier exit last time than he would have liked.

The poor Terrans look very outnumbered in this tournament, but do at least have some strong representation. I’m not sure if any of the players from here will make it to the final four, though – this competition looks intense. What I would say is that I hope the Terrans at least don’t get drawn into the same groups so that we can maximise our changes of seeing them come the knockout stages!

Gfinity StarCraft Masters VUE Cinema Venue

Watching the Gfinity StarCraft Masters

If you’re in London or nearby, you should definitely come to Fulham Broadway and pay this slick venue a visit! Gfinity have taken over three screens at the VUE cinema located directly above Fulham Broadway station. You can see directions to the venue and hotel guides from this page.

You can also watch and follow all the action online throughout the weekend at the stream link Hopefully I’ll see some of you there – don’t forget to catch me on Twitter as I’ll be tweeting and reading your comments and questions all weekend. Hopefully I’ll have time to once again conduct some player and staff interviews!

Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews

Finally, for those of you who’d like to watch the interviews I conducted at the last Gfinity StarCraft Masters event, you can find the entire Gfinity StarCraft Masters playlist via this link. The one with PartinG in particular is not to be missed!

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Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews and Write-Up

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Below are all my Gfinity StarCraft Masters interviews from throughout the March weekend in London. This post has been updated several times and now includes ROOT’s hydra and Yoe Flash Wolves’ PartinG as well.

I had an absolute blast this weekend at the Gfinity StarCraft Masters – the venue was very special to me as I used to live five minutes away from Fulham Broadway when I was a student at university in London. As a result I knew many of the local places to go and eat, and loved taking the players and staff out for meals and exploring the city.

The cinema atmosphere was incredible, but in a different way to normal. Being in a dark room adds a different dynamic to casting, even though you know the audience is still there. It feels very chilled out and it was easy to get into a great flow with my fellow co-casters. It made for very relaxed (and hopefully quality!) and free-flowing commentary and when I was sitting back watching the finals, I thought the viewing experience was also excellent – that was the first time all weekend where I wasn’t either recording, video editing my Gfinity StarCraft Masters interviews or taking notes in preparation for my next cast between series. I was running around a LOT, but enjoyed every minute of it.

JoRoSaR Interviewing PartinG & hydra at Gfinity StarCraft Masters

The party afterwards at Meltdown was also superb. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and Stephano behind the bar also got involved with the rest of the players & staff, helping our Protoss players (and others as well!) along to a joyous evening and snapping lots of fun photos en-route. I was dreadfully tired the next day, but it’s the kind of tired that you think about and smile through no matter how you feel. I look forward to the next event!

Do enjoy the interviews, and please share!


Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: Robert Ohlen

Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: TargA

Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: Soulkey

Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: Zeweig

Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: hydra

Gfinity StarCraft Masters Interviews: PartinG

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Upcoming Events: Gfinity StarCraft Masters & The Hot Seat

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JoRoSaR at the Gfinity StarCraft Masters in London

I’m very excited to be back on stage at the Gfinity StarCraft Masters event next weekend in London – eSports has been in and around London on several occasions. The last time I was a part of an event local to me was the excellent Gfinity G3 event where we took over part of London’s Olympic venue last year.

This time, though, things are a bit different. The event has already been covered in mainstream media and it’s very exciting to see the Fulham Broadway VUE cinema taken over not just for a weekend but the whole of 2015.

I also used to live about a five minute walk from the Gfinity StarCraft Masters venue and know the area well, so it has a special significance to me. As a result I happen to know a few good places to go for dinner and drinks, so I’m sure that will become useful during the weekend. :)

JoRoSaR's blog: Gfinity StarCraft Masters Players

I’m also very excited to see the performance of our qualifiers. The re-emergence of TargA and FanTaSy’s run of form are both particular points I want to pay close attention to. Team Liquid also now have three players in the draw with  Bunny, Snute & MaNa all making it through. There are simply lots of exciting storylines and games to follow at the Gfinity StarCraft Masters.

If you’re planning to come down to the event next week, do come by and say hello. The cinema venue promises to be a great viewing experience, and of course the action will be broadcast live all weekend.

StarCraft: The Hot Seat from JoRoSaR

Also continuing to go well too are the Hot Seat King of the Hill events I have now been hosting for six weeks sponsored by DingitTV, a new streaming platform designed to have significantly less buffering and lag time between broadcasters and viewers.

The format is quite fun being a Best-of-9 where prize money starts at $150 but goes up by $75 for each week a player wins, providing a bigger incentive for someone to take the crown the following week! If you’d like to watch the series (spoiler-free) on YouTube, you can do so now by checking out The Hot Seat YouTube playlist here. You can also watch the most recent action by going through the DingIt Rerun page here, but note that the identities of the players involved each week are revealed on this page.

The next event will be two weeks from now (due to the Gfinity StarCraft Masters next week we’re skipping a week), on Friday the 3rd of April at 20.00 CET (19.00 UK), at the stream URL I hope to see some of you there!

That’s it from me for now, but I hope you’ll agree there’s a lot of exciting StarCraft II coming up in the next few weeks and I look forward to seeing some of you both at-venue and online.

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Gaming and eSports in 2015

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Happy New Year and may 2015 bring you health, happiness and prosperity! :-) I’m pretty excited about the possibilities that the new year brings and watching eSports continue to grow bigger than ever.

Personally, I don’t have so much of a year in review as a 3-years in review. I played games semi-competitively at points growing up (Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and CS 1.5 for anyone curious) as well as enjoying others (Red Alert, AoE up to The Conquerors, WarCraft III & DotA) but I waded into talking about them in 2012 after using my microphone (that was supposed to be for singing!) for some YouTube videos as an experiment. To my pleasant surprise I was then happily on Playhem three nights a week about as fast as you can say ‘two rax’.

Playhem TV Logo

Remember these days? I do fondly! :)

Long story short: I fell in love. I had so much fun working alongside and chatting with people that were also passionate about gaming that it was basically a dream come true when later in the year I was travelling and meeting them in person. You might recognise a few of Kibbelz, Robin (now Trikslyr), Frodan, Zoia, Lyrlian & Schamtoo to just name a few.

Later on I became the first commentator to shoutcast StarCraft II offline at all of the below events, ‘completing the set’ at the time:

  • Major League Gaming Championship
  • Blizzard World Championship Series offline finals
  • DreamHack Open
  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • IGN ProLeague Finals

I’m still not sure how that happened and it wasn’t known to me until it was pointed out much later. I was self-employed back then so could put a lot of my time into eSports but I definitely wasn’t full-time so to achieve something like that was really awesome and pretty humbling.

GSL Finals at IPL5 2012

The GSL Finals at IGN ProLeague 5, Las Vegas

Elsewhere in life things were moving professionally for me and in 2013 I took an opportunity to start working in media while continuing commentating whenever I could. As someone who was technically trained as an engineer and used to work at a race winning Formula One team this was obviously a big step, but like with eSports I relished the opportunity to jump into something new and do as well as I possibly could.

I have seen the StarCraft world move pretty quickly in the time since then. Perhaps from the perspective of one of the few commentators who wasn’t full time it was easier to step back and admire the bigger picture: more events, larger prize pools, bigger interest in the game and eSports in general, and almost out of necessity watching studios hire some pretty impressive staff full-time.

This of course has meant I have scaled back – there isn’t a regular face at any major tournament that isn’t a full time commentator or an ex-professional player at the moment, so I’m proud to be able to say I could apply myself and mix in as a part-timer. I’m still attending my share of events (most recently DreamHack Stockholm for Blizzard, which was a fun whirlwind weekend of chatting to the players and personalities – see the YouTube playlist here) and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Dinner with the Blizzard Community crew at DreamHack Stockholm 2014Dinner with the Blizzard Community Crew at DreamHack Stockholm 2014

And here’s the really cool thing and my main motivation to write today: if you asked me a year ago I would have told you that watching my peers go full-time to cover all the major tournaments would be an inevitable stepping stone to me moving on to other things. And after a less busy but fun year (The Copenhagen Games crew & Gfinity were genuinely some of the most fun people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with – people really do make events!) and a bit of reflection, I’ve realised that if anything the opposite is closer to the truth.

I’m playing more games now than I was before (despite doing more!) and thanks to starting a new job last year and now being a media director away from gaming I’m more focused and able to appreciate my time more when I get it spare.

Naturally things are a lot busier overall but I now find that when I consciously choose to spend my time gaming, recording for YouTube or covering an event I can be more focused, more efficient and find myself ‘in the zone’ more often. I’m now also producing and occasionally covering chess events for and am getting more into Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and a bit of CS:GO as well.

What does this mean for me in 2015? I think that the step back (and that I’ve now been in my new job for a little while) has allowed me to refresh myself. My goal for this year is to enjoy the fun and passion that brought me in touch with so many great eSports memories throughout the last few years.

JoRoSaR's bed while commentating Dreamhack

When Reddit came up with this I was in stitches for days. <3

My StarCraft II journey has involved an awful lot of fun memories, such as losing a KBBQ dinner to GHOSTCLAW (covered on Liquipedia, no doubt he made sure of it), racing up the California coast with Kevin Knocke, playing frisbee at the ReIGN house (remember those guys?), crashing at McDonald’s with ocelote in Singapore and getting drowned out by a hip hop concert in Bucharest to name just a select few.

I’d like to think that at least in some part, what brought all of the above about is something I’ve believed for a very long time: whatever you do, enjoy it, and aim to do it well. And with fresh eyes and a hunger for fun and sharing that with as many people as possible, this is what I’m aiming for in 2015.

Game on.

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NorCraft Cup 2014 VoDs!

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NorCraft Cup 2014 Videos

As many of you may know, in the last month I have commentated not only for the regional finals of the NorCraft Cup in Sweden but the main event as well, where the top four competitors from all four Nordic regions (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark) got together to battle for a three thousand Euro purse.

The tournament was sponsored by and CoolerMaster Nordics (They are at @hitboxlive and @CoolerMasterND on Twitter, go thank them!) and I’m happy to be able to release these NorCraft Cup videos for you to watch!

Note: The names of some players are in the titles of many of these videos, but in the finals from the semifinals onwards names are NOT in the titles. Also note that we only commentated half the quarterfinals on the main stream, so knowing the names of these players don’t necessarily reveal any of the group stage winners and losers.

For anyone who would like the entire NorCraft Cup 2014 playlist, this can be found here.


NorCraft Cup Sweden Finals

MorroW vs Avokado

StarNaN vs SortOf

Avokado vs Autumn

SortOf vs MorroW

MorroW vs Prospect

Autumn vs SortOf


NorCraft Cup Overall Finals

Serral vs SpaceMarine

SpaceMarine vs Avokado

SortOf vs Snovski

Serral vs SpaceMarine (Rematch)

Eiki vs Bunny

Eiki vs Winter

SortOf vs Elfi

MorroW vs Bunny

SemiFinal 1

SemiFinal 2

Third Place Match (Bo5)

Grand Final (Bo5)

Enjoy, and see you next year for the third edition of the NorCraft Cup! :)

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The mYi Olympics!

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mYi Olympics with JoRoSaR

Good afternoon folks,

mYi Olympics? What on earth are the mYi Olympics? Well, you may remember that a while ago now I visited the mYinsanity house in Switzerland, and had a lot of videos and interviews to share as the result of that experience.

I forgot to mention…there’s one more.

At the end of my visit, I managed to get all the pro players and staff staying at the house to a nearby field, and brought my camera and tripod. The Koreans might be dominating BlizzCon, but this would be a good opportunity to show that perhaps the rest of the world could do well in the next most important event of the year! ;-)

This video took a LOT of effort to edit, and I had some amazing help (i.e. almost all of it!) from Exile 5’s Dot while Dot and PiG were in London…so thank you so much for this! <3

I had so, so much fun filming and being a part of this. Just wanted to share and have people enjoy, and see that there is a lighter side to pro-gaming life! :-) There’s a link to the complete mYi YouTube playlist at the end of the video as well. I do believe that some of the events we do in this video were suggestions from my original TeamLiquid and Reddit threads when I was heading over to the mYi house as well, so thank you for those! Happy to be able to make some of them a reality…and suggestions for next time are more than welcome!

Now, without further ado…allow me to present to you the mYi Olympics!

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NorCraft Cup Qualifiers: Sweden Finals

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NorCraft Cup Qualifiers: Swedish Finals with JoRoSaR

This past weekend I was pleased to commentate the NorCraft Cup Qualifier for Sweden! The final group of players were competing for four spots in the NorCraft Cup final later on in November, and the top four players were also competing for preferred seeding and a 125 Euro cash prize.

There were some pretty fun series, and as the bracket was single elimination I do not wish to spoil any of the results in this blog post, so I will post the first two series I covered followed by linked to the semi-finals and finals of the Sweden NorCraft Cup Qualifier.

Swedish NorCraft Cup Qualifier Games

StarNaN vs SortOf Game 1 (Bo3)

MorroW vs Prospect Game 1 (Bo3)

Semi-Final 1, Game 1 (Bo3)

Semi-Final 2, Game 1 (Bo3)

3rd Place Match, Game 1 (Bo3)

NorCraft Cup Qualifier: Swedish Finals – Game 1 (Bo5)

For the full YouTube playlist from the Sweden NorCraft Cup Qualifier, click here.

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IEM San Jose European Qualifiers Videos

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IEM San Jose European Qualifiers

On the 18th and 19th of October 2014, the IEM San Jose European qualifiers were held online. A large number of games were cast and in particular some really exciting series happened on Day 2, which was when the top 8 from Day 1 of the qualifiers joined 8 other invitees to duke it out in a double elimination bracket.

Please find the videos below with my commentary over the weekend, I hope you enjoy them! I have separated them into Day 1 & Day 2.

Please note the points below:

– I have only included links to Game 1 of each series below so that the result isn’t spoiled beforehand. Player names are not in any set order (the winner could be either) and links to the next game or series are at the end of each video.
– Some players appear more often than others, due to the nature of how the games/lobbies fell with the tournament timing for the stream.
– Seeing a player twice (on day 2) on this list doesn’t mean they lost the first series, as it was double elimination.

Enjoy! For those who just want to see the entire playlist rather than going through the videos below, you can find my IEM San Jose European Qualifiers playlist here.

IEM San Jose European Qualifiers Videos – Day 1

MarineLord vs Classico (TvT)

Pal vs Kas (PvT)

MarineLord vs Harstem (TvP) – mid-series in Game 2

Grubby vs Pouchou (PvZ)

Slivko vs Grubby (ZvP) – mid-series in Game 2

Elazer vs MaNa (ZvP) – mid-series in Game 2

IEM San Jose European Qualifiers Videos – Day 2

Happy vs VortiX (TvZ)

YoDa vs Welmu (TvP)

Welmu vs TLO (PvZ)

MMA vs Happy (TvT)

TLO vs Happy (ZvT)

Happy vs Sacsri (TvZ)

Until next time!


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IEM San Jose Qualifier – Europe

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JoRoSaR Streaming the IEM San Jose Qualifiers

Hello all,

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be covering the IEM San Jose qualifiers for the European region next Saturday and Sunday, the 18th and 19th of October!

San Jose is the third event of IEM Season IX, organized by ESL and held at the SAP Center. It marks the seventh IEM event in the United States of America since 2006. It is also the first IEM standalone event in North America, which is pretty awesome!

You can see the TeamLiquid thread here.

The event is split into two sections. The first day of the IEM San Jose qualifier is open to everyone, and this bracket will produce a Top 8 players who move on to day 2.

On day 2, the top 8 will be joined by 8 seeded players (seeded based on WCS rank) in a double elimination bracket, where the top 2 will receive fully paid spots in the Intel Extreme Masters San Jose main event.

The seeded players are:

  • Welmu
  • ForGG
  • Snute
  • First
  • Bunny
  • TLO
  • YoDa
  • VortiX

The full Liquipedia link is here.

I will be commentating both days from my Twitch channel at I will be covering games that the main stream are not, and this will continue into the second day where I will likely cover many of the lower bracket games until the final few, at which point will take over for the rest of the day from the main studio.

I’m looking forward to bringing these games to you guys, and hope to see some of you watching next weekend. :-)


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